Problem to build a music library from my QNAP


I´ve a problem with my Odroid C2 and the actual Volumio2-Version. When I add my music share and the library will be build, the process ends at about 10.000 tracks. Refreshing the page Volumio2 shows no share at all. I´ve reinstalled Volumio2, reconnect the share etc., but always with the same result.

Is this a known issue and is there a fix for that problem?


p.s.: There is another information to this phenomena. When I reboot the Volumio 2 during the building of the library before the process stops , the status of the building is not lost. After the reboot the last status of the library is available. When I start the update procedure, after a while the process stops, the MyMusic page shows no albums, tracks and time and no network drives. After reboot the status before the update procedure is available again.


I’ve the same problem with Volumio2 running on a ODROID C2, connected to Synology NAS. Rebuild scan always hangs after 15448 songs. Rebuild circle is then still running, but files counter will not increase. And I know I have more than 15448 files on my NAS…
I assume that there is maybe a problem within my song collection, maybe one broken file which cannot be processed by Volumio rebuild task!? Or is the number of songs in a critical range? Is anybody out there with more songs than I having no problems?
Or is there a easy way to see (maybe on console) at which song the rebuild stops?

Thanks in advance!

while scanning, launch via ssh the command:

sudo journalctl -f

you should see where the scanning ends

Thank you for the input. Below you can see what happens when the problem occurs. I have seen, that the update process does not always end at the same file. There are aprox 15500 files, plus / minus before this problem occurs. So I think it is not related to a specific file. Before the update ends, the update process becomes slower. Is there anything I can do?

Nov 14 20:50:28 volumio kernel: Unhandled fault: alignment fault (0x92000021) at 0x00000000ee332c6e
Nov 14 20:50:28 volumio systemd[1]: mpd.service: main process exited, code=killed, status=7/BUS
Nov 14 20:50:28 volumio systemd[1]: Unit mpd.service entered failed state.
Nov 14 20:50:28 volumio systemd[1]: mpd.service holdoff time over, scheduling restart.
Nov 14 20:50:28 volumio systemd[1]: Stopping Music Player Daemon…
Nov 14 20:50:28 volumio systemd[1]: Starting Music Player Daemon…
Nov 14 20:50:28 volumio systemd[1]: Started Music Player Daemon.
Nov 14 20:50:28 volumio mpd[1167]: zeroconf: No global port, disabling zeroconf
Nov 14 20:50:28 volumio mpd[1167]: alsa_mixer: Failed to read mixer for ‘alsa’: no such mixer control: PCM

Thank You!

Another hint:
I’ve now tested with an older Volumio Image (volumio-0.981-2016-08-25-odroidc2.img) and rebuild of the complete library was successful. The problem above does not occur with this version. Unfortunately with this image the software volume control does not work like in the current version :frowning:. So I have to choose between complete library and volume control… :frowning:

Yes, I have the same problem “Unhandled fault: alignment fault” building a library after about 10.000 tracks.

@michelangelo: Is there a solution for that problem?
@michl: Where can I find the old image: volumio-0.981-2016-08-25-odroidc2.img

Thanks Christian

I’m not sure if the old image is still available at I have downloaded this file some month ago and I still have it on my PC.
If michelangelo cannot give you a download link I can send it to you via dropbox!?? But my internet connection is very slow and uploading takes hours…
With the old image the software volume control does not work…

Would also be very interested in a real solution based on current Volumio Version