Problem to add new radio


I’m new with Volumio and I have many problems to do work well this mpd. As you can see my english is not very well too but will try to do the maximum !
I have a Raspberry PI 2 + a DAC USabre I2S.

One of things that I have problem is to add a new radio.
For exemple I try to add this radio :

I add new pls file into the webradio folder => for me is smb://volumio/webradio/Nova.pls
Here it is the content of the file Nova.pls

playlist] NumberOfEntries=1 File1= Title1=Nova1 Length1=-1

I see this radio in the web interface (volumio.local) but it doesn’t work …

In your opinion, where is the mistake I did ?

Thank you answer and good night

Your file is missing an [ Typo?

My working file as example

[playlist] NumberOfEntries=1 File1= Title1=EinsLive Length1=-1 Version=2

Oh thanks it was the problem.
I’m sorry it was a ridiculous mistake of my part. it was so late yesterday that I didn’t notice it.
So now this problem is solved.
Nice day.