Problem of Connecting Synology DS920+ NAS to Volumio3

Hello Guys
This is my Setting:
1, Volumio 3(Version 3.251)
2, RPi 4
3,Synology DS920+ (DSM 7.0.1-42218)

I have mounting the NAS to volumio

I have uploaded some DSD file to my NAS

I have turned on the NSF servies

I have set the Sharing of Music folder(including the sub-folder)

I rescaned the NAS in Volumio for update the music lib, but got nothing.

The IP of my Volumio is
The IP of my Synology DS920+ is (Statistics IP)
Is there any problem of this ? Could someone help me ?

Problem solved, the admin and Guest group if OFF, that cause the problem.

After turned ON, my NAS works fine with Volumio now.