Problem enabling Bluetooth

I just installed volumio on a raspberry pi 4 and i hold a Virtuoso plan.
I have enabled bluetooth in the interface but i cannot see any bluetooth device to stream my music from my phone.

I also installed “Super-Simple-Raspberry-Pi-Audio-Receiver” with no more effect.

I am a real noob, what should i look for to enable my Pi as a bluetooth receiver ?


There is nothing to do to see it . It’s weird. This is not a good Idea to install other software to do that. Try to enable Bluetooth in Volumio and should be fine.

I’ll try that thanks, if not working i’ll do a fresh install and not install the additional package.
WHat is the name of the BT device ?

Did a fresh install, i do not see any bluetooth receiver with my phone.
Bluetooth input playback is enabled in the Source functionalities.

The good news is that airplay works, plus i finally got the sound out of the HDMI port.

Now the only trouble left is enabling bluetooth !

I have deactivated wifi ==> would that be a problem regarding BT ?

Ok, i enabled wifi, bluetooth appeared…
And now I can disable wifi and bluetooth stays.