Pro-ject s2 digital

Hello. I see this dac in compatibility list of volumio.
I like to know how it works with usb connection on raspberry and if there is compatibility issues .


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FWIW, @Michelangelo has the following in his review of the Allo Katana ; ‘my main DAC (Opera Consonance Don Curzio, Pro-Ject Pre Box S2 Digital)’, so I’d probably suspect that it works quite well…

I do have the Pro-Ject S2 Digital and I confirm it works well and sounds great

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Thank you very much . Now i decid to buy other dac, Khadas tone board.
I read that it is top quality dac, and it is compatible with volumio .
Now it is out of stock and first available date is first days of may.

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I have just bought a Project DAC S2+ , And I have problem to power it up with USB on a rasperry pi 3

I need to put the external powersupply on it , the manual says it’s not recommended due to noise between USB and external powersupply

Do you have the same issue with the digital.

I have check the config.txt to have max_usb_current=1

Thanks for your help

I suggest to power the dac via external psu. It requires lot of power and pi cannot provide enough


Thanks for your help,

I have use an y usb cable , connected to the Raspberry + and external usb PSU 5v. I have put a tape on the 5v on the usb connected to the rasperry

And it works quite well


I just received my Pro-Ject Box S2 Digital dac. Hooked to Mini-86 box, using line out to my B&K receiver.

What should the Volumio settings be for mixer type, default volume, etc? Defaults to Mixer Type: Hardware, offers two options for selector, and Default max volume: off.

When I set DAC to higher than -20db I hear distortion thru the receiver.



I suggest to use external PSU for this DAC, it draws lot of current

@Michelangelo – Thank you – that would make sense w/distortion above a certain volume (drive) level. Will try.

Also, Can you confirm if you are using it with Mixer-type: None or Mixer Type: Hardware
If Type: Hardware which Mixer Control Name: Pro-ject Clock Selector or Pro-ject Clock Selector, 1 ?

Thanks again.

UPDATE: I tried the PSU and it did not fix the issue… I tried a laptop and the problem persisted. So, I tried a different input on the receiver, with different interconnects… and worked fine. Then moved those interconnects back to the original input… and voila. Bad cables (unsure if damaged, old and deteriorating, of just plan junk.) Replaced with better (and newer) cables, and all working fine - running on just USB connection at full (-0db) setting. Sounds awesome! Wider and deeper soundstage than the original B&K Receiver Sabre32 (9018 like) internal DAC , as well as more neutral sounding. Love how easily Volumio lets met switch sources and quality types. Thanks!

Use none: this dac does not have hardware volume

@Michelangelo Hi Michelangelo, you are doing some great things! I’ve read and watched so many great reviews on your software and the Primo and I’m happy to have discovered your products. I’ve decided to buy the Primo.
I would like to know if the Pro-Ject Pre Box S2 Digital will be a significant upgrade to the onboard Dac in the Primo? Will it improve the sound significantly?
Also, this question is a bit of a long shot: I currently use a NAD Dac 1 (it connects via dedicated wifi and a usb transmitter dongle out of my laptop). I’m quite happy with the sound of the NAD Dac but I want to get my music off my laptop and onto a NAS or a USB hard drive connected to the Primo. Do you know what I can expect in terms of sound quality with the Primo compared with the NAD? Grazie tanto!

Ciao and welcome!
IMHO the Pro-Ject Pre Box S2 digital will provide just a modest improvement (being a dual mono DAC vs single DAC in Primo, both ESS 9038).
To get the best possible outcome get a good PSU to power the Pro-Ject DAC.

Regarding your second question I did not listen to your DAC so unfortunately I can’t help

Grazie Michelangelo! Thank you for your advice. I think I will use the onboard DAC. Reviews all say the audio output sounds great. I have a couple more questions before I can be sure that the Primo will do all I would like it to. I hope it’s ok to post these here. 1) I plan to play music from a USB HDD attached to the Primo (at least to start with). Does it need to have it’s own power supply or can it feed from the Primo? In one of Darko’s YouTube he did this but I couldn’t see a power cable. 2) How will the Volumio’s browser interface present my library. I saw the Music Library shows the folder structure which is great, but is there also a way to see my library by Album Artist? By Artist is no good for me and by Album is not so helpful either. Many thanks again.

You don’t need another psu for the hard drive. You will be able to browse per artist or album :wink: