Primo subscription

<!-- Welcome to the Help and Support category I bought a primo about 18 months ago and signed on the subscription for a year. The Primo stopped working and I returned it. A replacement was sent. Vulomio gave me a further 3 month subscription to add to my existing 1 year. After a few months I decided that the Primo was not for me and sold it (at quite a loss) Today, 18 months later a company, I have had not contact with, or spoken to, called paddle, took £58 from my paypal account without warning. I have not used my primo or the volumio software for nearly a year. How can your company justify this? One way or another Volumio has been a very expensive experience. I look forward to comment. Steve

@volumio can you take a look at this …

Hi Steve, Paddle is our payment provider.
What happened here is that you forgot to disable your MyVolumio subscription.
Please get in touch with us at techsupport at volumio dot org and we will help you from there

I can not find tech support
Under what heading is it.

Hi Steve,
I have just replied to your request via email. You should have received now my response on your email.

You should really make sure reminders are sent BEFORE payment is taken.