Primo hifi edition/ Primo v2

Hi Volumio users,

Have anyone tried either Primo hifi edition or Primo v2 with spdif out on a Roksan Attessa amplifier and if so what is your experience here compare it to using Primo with rca out?
Alot reading out there that the spdif is noisy i now used the Primo with rca out and most say for the money with a sbooster its a homerun
But the last approx 10 days its been used just as a pure streamer connect with wireworld starlight 8 rca2rca the soundstage is a little lower but more laid back and mellow with a good control.

Can it be the lower is because of the noise even so the dynamic is there or just that some streamers fit better with some dac with either spdif or usb etc.

B Regards