Primo 1 issues, mirror of RPI issues. Wierd

I did some searching but could not find an answer. If there is already a thread for this please let me know.

I have several Volumio devices and am a Premium member.

One one of my RPI devices, I ran into an issue in which it would not let me into the plugin store, telling me " To access the plugins store you need to log into myvolumio). I was logged in and logged in again. Did not work. I did a factory reset to no avail. I downloaded the RPI software again from scratch and the issue was fixed.

The same issue happened with my Primo 1 (tinkerboard). In addition, both of them hung on check for software update.

The software version was 3.616 in both cases.

I assume I need to reload the original Primo 1 software, could someone point me in the right direction to find it?

Thank you and again, if there is a thread on this, please point me to it.

I assume I need to reload the software on the Primo 1 as well

I thought I would answer my own thread after figuring it out. Hopefully will help someone in the future.

I had assumed there must have been an issue with 3.616 since it struck two device, but the lack of any discussion in this community made that seem like less than a good theory.

What it turned out to be is a problem with a network switch. Specifically, an old router that I had reconfigured a number of years ago to be a wireless access point. Worked perfectly for a long time, but I decided to replace it with a new WAP. I turned off the wireless on the old router/WAP and somehow that triggered the issue. I am guessing that it was applying a firewall (no reason I can think of), but that is the only thing I can think of to create a situation in which I could get to the Volumio on the network, but it could not reach the internet.

Live and learn!

Sorry there was no response, I missed this one.

Glad the issue has been resolved.