Primo 1 Firmware Release - UpToDate?

Hello all,
I am using a Volumio Primo (1) and have not received an update since Feb 24, 2022.

My software status:
System version: 3.233

Since I could not find any information until today, which system version is now the “current”, it would be nice if someone could tell me which is now the current?

If I use the latest all good. If there is a new one, I wonder why the software update function does not show a new one.

Thanks in advance

Hi Alex,
this is not the latest version, as we keep updating Primo1 regularly. Latest available version is from this August.

How do you check updates?

V3.233 was a version with broken updater. An action from volumio tech was required to fix it and allow new updates.

Hi! I Checked it with the embedded function:

But hangs “Please Wait”



Here Davide from Volumio tech support
Please to help you!

This is a known issue concerning the non-working updater on sw v. 3.233
I’ll fix it quickly via remote connection to your PC

A support email has just been sent to your address, please follow up on that for further help

Thank you!

Perfect! I booked a Quick remote Support.