Prima installazione

Salve , ho un problema di installazione di volumio, o seguito passo passo tutti gli step, formattato con sd card formatter e scritto con balena hetcher, inserito sd nell pi, parte il lampeggio del led verde salvo interrompersi poco dopo, il router vodafone rileva il programma assegnandogli un ip, ma digitando sia questo ip che la dicitura volumio.local non riesco ad accedere al programma. Non so più dove sbattere la testa se qualche anima pia mi aiuta ne sare contento.

sorry english please…

dvo are the same with whom you spoke in English I just hoped to find a person who was Italian like me to solve the installation problem.
The only news that this writing has now appeared on the pc,
website online but not responding to connection attempts.
I swear I don’t know what to do anymore.

a lot of people have vacation at the moment so the responce wil take some time.
and not all will be here.

  1. What device are you trying to access Volumio from? A browser on a mobile, PC, laptop, tablet?

  2. Are you using wifi or a wired connection to your Pi?

  3. Try using just the IP address assigned by your router as your browser URL eg.

chsims, I’m trying to access from a pc with windows 10 system and broweser chrome, connection between the dac and the router with cable, and I use the URL assigned by my operator’s router.
Checking again the installation instructions on the official website of volumio I noticed one thing writing with balenaEtcher happens quickly and is not written in the instructions in about 10 minutes, I think it takes about a minute, maximum two.
Maybe some data is not written. Thank you

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wifi ip and ethernet ip is not the same … beware of that.
@chsims1 does the latest image have the ip in boot screen already the latest 3.079 does.

Sorry I have not understood the last part of your message, concerning the ip

if you use wifi or cable both will have a different ip adres

The speed of the image writing will be dependant on your sd card & writer, but it might be a good idea to check that your downloaded image has not been corrupted. Unzip the downloaded image and check it’s md5 sum with that shown on the download page (3c328c42ff7c033ba74797c373b6d50b if you downloaded v2.882). You might also like to use another sd card, if you have one available.

@dvo I haven’t noticed, since I use all of my devices headlessly.

@chsims1 in the 3.074 and 3.079 i saw the ip showing if connected to a screen or hdmi output.
i have mine all with a screen that’s why i noticed

chsims1, I’m not much of a geek, can you explain to me after I unzip the file where I find that sequence of numbers. Excuse me but for me some things are difficult to understand

I rarely use Windows now so I am only offering you information from Google How to verify the checksum of an installer file

chsims1, I checked the volumio file is ok, but now analyzing the sd card, I noticed that I have one partition in fat32 and two in Ext4, this may be the problem.

no that is normal… you will always have them in that order.

As dvo has said, the partitioning is normal.

I presume that you are still unable to connect to Volumio on your Pi? Can you look on your mobile/laptop/tablet to see if there is a Volumio wifi hotspot available please?

You mention that the router assigned an IP to the rPI.

Please download
This tool will scan you LAN, so you can see if volumio actually is visible on the network.
It will look something like this:

With that IP you should be able to access your rPi. if it doesn’t appear in the list of ip-scanner, the rPi didn’t boot correctly.

Please specify:

  • Which version of rPi are you using (model3,4,…)
  • Which SD card are you using (type/brand)?
  • Is the SD card directly connected to the rPi?
  • Which version of Volumio are you using (did you download)?