Preventing blank screen/screen saver

My screen keeps going blank after a certain amount of time. How do I prevent this from happening so that the screen stays on? I did read about installing something called unclutter but this apparently also removes the cursor/point which I do not want to happen. :question:

I do not know what screen you have but I did the following with the official 7 inch touchscreen.
you just have to do the opposite because it has already been implemented in the latest version


or this.


Thanks for this, I will take another shot at it tonight.

FYI: I am using Odroid-VU7 Plus ( as discussed here a side note the blog did not mention that the touch screen would not work out of the box and ommitted to mention how to get this feature to work; but this is a whole different discussion). I also have a HiFiBerry DAC Plus clone attatched.

Just a quesiton about the second URL, it mentions using unclutter but doesn’t this also remove the mouse/cursor; or am I misreading the post?

I never tried the second url but the screen you use is the official raspberry pi touchscreen.

in the link below you can see how you can turn off the screen timeout … it works perfectly for me.

edit sorry I just see that you are using another touchscreen, maybe you should also change that line.

if it does not work, wait until someone for someone knows


you have to edit it like the indicated arrow (edit how its look original)

Thanks, this did work for my screen.


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