Prevent reset to default settings (DAC)


New Volumio user here. My setup is:
Raspberry Pi 3 model B+ => USB cable => Cambridge Audio CXA80 (DAC/amp) => Speakers
Volumio version 2.882
Spotify version 2.03
Spotify Connect2 version 1.0.5

I would like to know if there’s a way to force the playback settings to remain the same all the time and not reset to default when a new device is detected/selected? I ask because I’m having issues getting Spotify Connect to work and it seems the fix is for the mixer type to be set to ‘None’. The problem is that if I boot my Raspberry Pi first I see the mixer type remains as ‘None’, assuming I set it that way previously. But if I then power on my DAC the Pi/Volumio detects this and the mixer type resets to ‘Hardware’, which breaks Spotify Connect and a reboot of the Pi is needed.

Is there a way stop this resetting? Or perhaps a way to force the settings to be persistent?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Same issue observed with Soekris DAC with E-DAC USB 2 I2S card onboard.
Reset ti HW mixer instead None set periodically.