Greetings to the whole community.
I am a music lover and I like to build my system for fun.
Now that Volumio is easier for my computer skills (Linus, Debian, etc.). I can make it work and I must say that goes very well with no need to write a command line.
I still have problems:
• insert static IP,
• finding the right driver for I2S DAC B.B. PCM1794 (now use the generic DAC)
• configure my NAS Qnap TS231 with ARMv7 processor, see the root directory of the NAS, but can not see anything inside, this after being hours reading and I assume to record all of the NAS directory. I consulted the FAQ and I found that the problem exists, it seems to me, is not yet resolved.
For now I remedied with a USB HDD that works well.
If anyone has any solutions to my difficulties I would be very grateful.
I am currently listening to the music with:
Raspberry PI3 and Volumio software,
go out I2S DAC A.N. with 4 PCM1794 parallel (the best I’ve ever heard DAC),
from here I log on the primary of the transformers UTC A20.
The secondary connect it to the attenuator, then to the preamplifier “Constant Current Draw Amplifier” that uses two 6SN7 tubes.
I managed to put everything together in a single copper container, including all power supplies, transformers etc.
From here to drive Active Crossovers professional F1030 Yamaha that divide to 1200Hz and to drive two amplifiers,
one for high frequencies 1200-20000Hz 7W “Single End” which uses four tubes, two 328B WE tubes,
two 300B AVV.

The Medium-low frequencies up to 1200 Hz, with “push-pull” from 75W- with 4 KT88.
Plus an active subwoofer up to about 80Hz.
I Used as transducers for high frequencies two twiter ESS AMT1b, for medium-low frequencies, self-built crates, with Supravox speakers, on pedestals.
I am satisfied, but always trying to improve, it’s a hobby.
A big thank you to all those who have created and / or contributed to VOLUMIO, an open system accessible to all, thanks to those who seek to spread good music to everyone.
I apologize for my bad English.


Jon!!! Your system looks just amazing! I would really like to see it! Could you post some pictures?