Hello guys,

Always hard to be original when you start a presentation post :smiley: Anyway, i’m 27 years old, recently finish my study (Master 2) and i have quiet differant hobby :laughing:

I really like trout fishing, astronomy, science in general and of course, music. I practice some DIY to build my audio gear, because it is fun and far less expensive :wink:

Right now i am building an all-in-one solution, featuring :
I use an akouo select and volume preamp, with a balanced line driver. It have four input, which will be :
Beaglebone black with volumio and botic driver + TPA HERMES + Cronus + DIYINHK pcm1704-k dac
DIYINHK β€œ768k” XMOS + AK4490EQ dac
BHL Phono preamp
4 way balanced relay switch, with 2XLR and 2RCA (isn’t it a preamp after all :smiley: )

All this in one hifi-2000 case. All the power supply will be external in another hifi2000 :smiley:

Let’s hope it will rocks :slight_smile:

Also i follow volumio since a long time, when it still was raspyfi. It’s quiet a long time that i try to understand how to get the best sound out of our small dev boards, michelangelo maybe remember me as i open this thread in the RaspyFi forum as the username GhostMM666 :

Have a nice day !