preparing TauDAC DM101 for Soundcheck

Hi music lovers,
i’m really glad to get the TauDAC 101 for my next Souncheck on december 7.
The TauDac will be compared there with the TerraBerry2, mamboberry HD DAC+, allo BOSS v. 1.2. and the 502DAC pro.

right now, i just unpacked the shipping from Sergej (thank you!) and build the setup.
volumio setup wizard just indicates the TauDAC, which than i selected.
That’s it. for the soundcheck i have to do to some configuration, i explain later here.


Holy S**t, what a beast!!!

… finishing the preparation.

I just installed a fresh Volumio 2.323.
The setup Wizard automatically offers the TauDAC.
As Sergej recommended i put

  • Anti-Clipping Mode = Off
  • Dither = Off
  • Filter = Response 4

Then i installed and activated the auto_play plugin.
Copy my four demo tracks to the internal storage (\VOLUMIO\Internal Storage)
and put them to the Queue. Repeat is active.
I deactivate WLAN. maybe this improves sound quality…
The setup will be played as recommended with BOTW P&P ECO 9V from Sbooster.
Raspberry is getting power from DAC. Power consumption of the setup with psu in average is approx. 8.5 Watt.
Everything was very easy. The sound is promising good. :smiley:
Hardware volume control works separate for left and right - so i leave it at 100%.

Thank you for the update !

I am following this with great interest… For the moment, I have resisted but I am really tempted by this DAC.

Let’s wait for the comparison with the others. They are not playing in the same price league…



I am looking forward to your 7th of December soundcheck results to pull the trigger on one of these DACs​, a shame I live so far away… ​
Thanks for your hard work!

Thanks for your nice post to teach us more in this field. This is a happy tour for us to reading on here.

Ok, on thursday i had the great chance to compare the TauDAC DM101 with other DAC’s.

On my volumio-soundcheck-invitation-for-hamburg-germany-t5918-30.html post i wrote what we heard.
here is what i heard from the DM101.

I think this DAC is grown up. He also masters difficult passages with confidence.
The sound is honest and upright, that means i have the feeling, that there is no more bass as it is, the high is clear without problems.
i could relax in the middlefield and explore the single tones. The sound is wide, but not the widest.
This is my very personal impression.
technically it is very robust build.
I’m missing a master volume regulator, there is left and right volume separate.

Hi threre,
Do you still have TauDAC 101 with you?

Hello, thanks for the interest.
No, Sergej, the maker of TauDac, kindly lent me the DAC board for the event.