Premium radio stream

I subscribe to a premium stream for planet rock which cuts out the adverts and gives you a couple of extra songs instead - is it possible to access this steam from within volumio ?? There is an app for Alexa , Google etc

I believe someone needs to create a plugin for the authorization an get a key in order to plat the stream. What you can try is open your chrome browser, login to planet rock.
press F12, tab Media => network.
Open the stream ad copy the URL that is opened for this stream. Use this URL as new webradio.
I don’t know how long they keep the access key active.

Hey @Wheaten yeah that worked , and has been running for half an hour so far - will see how long the key remains active, but yes I think the proper solution would be a plugin - if anyone feels like stepping up to the plate :slight_smile:

was looking for the API, but there is none. So a plugin is not possible.
But i guess your lucky, seems the key is persistence.