Premium account has been disabled

I renewed my premium account on 2nd July
I have my subscription set to auto renew. As I would rather choose to renew rather than have an automatic renewal, I cancelled my auto renew on 23rd July. I had a mail back confirming the cancellation, but confirming my premium account was valid until 2nd July 2024.
At this point my subscription status was set to “Free”, which means I can no longer use Tidal with Volumio.
Mails to Volumio support have yielded nothing, other than a mail saying the issue had been resolved and please give a Trustpilot score. You can imagine how that went…
The AI chatbot on Paddle is useless.
Any ideas on how to resolve this other than nagging Volumio again?

Only Volumio support can help you, best way is that you create a support ticket on their support portal

Sorry to hear about your issue, @DED will take care of you

Thanks. That’s what I have been doing. Zero response so far.

Thanks. He did reply yesterday with
It’s Davide
I’m glad we could work this out.”
But he didn’t actually do anything.

I remain cautiously optimistic that he will!

Dear Hugh,

My response to your ticket was immediate, and I provided explanations about the incident along with a solution to restore your plan by forwarding you a coupon code valid for one year.
Now, I presume that you might not have read this email, which I believe you must have received, considering that you subsequently received the auto-send for the Trustpilot survey.

I certainly did not write what you quoted word for word; instead, I was helpful and proactive, ensuring that the offer would be to your liking. In any case, please check your email inbox, I’ll provide to re-send my reply, and, if necessary, continue the conversation through the ticket system, which is dedicated to handling this type of issues.

Available to assist,

Hi Davide
I did not receive your first email which, having read a copy you forwarded to me, would indeed have resolved the problem.
Your follow up email, the one I did receive, stated:
It’s Davide
I’m glad we could work this out.
If you were satisfied with this experience, it would help us a lot
that you would leave a positive review here: Rate
Just click and describe your experience with Volumio and why you like Volumio
Thanks for your time and support!
Best regards
Davide & Volumio team”
Which in isolation did not go down well!

I have deleted my Trustpilot review.

Thank you Hugh!

My best