Premium account and Qobuz streaming

Dear all,
I am considering buying the PREMIUM account to stream Qobuz on my 3 rapsberry pi based systems in my house.
However I was wondering if it would work because among my 3 systems, some are used by my sons and might stream either at the same time or, one steraming the other one using the files from the NAS. Would it work?
I am fearing that the Volumio premium would requiere one volumio account per device for simultaneous usage ==> can you confirm?


You can use Volumio Primo simoultaneously on up to 6 devices.

However, I am not sure you will be able to stream from the same QOBUZ account on the same time, but this is a question for QOBUZ

Thx for this quick answer.
I have “Qobuz family” :wink:

That works fine.
I also stream Qobuz to multiple Volumio devices at the same time.
Both the same album or different albums.
So no problem.

I have Qobuz Duo but only use my account on all devices. My wife only uses the second account on her mobile phone.

I didn’t think qobuz even worked with native streaming from the app, in the way that tidal connect does (which works great btw).

Perhaps volumio have added this since I tested it but Qobuz is too expensive anyway and no need for super high res personally.

Not that there is any misunderstanding…
I don’t stream Qobuz via the Qobuz app, only directly via the Qobuz integration in Volumio!
I like it very much this way.