Powering a Boss DAC and RPi Separately

I have built two AMB sigma11 power supplies for powering a Rpi 3 B+ and Allo Boss Dac.

I know if I pull the J25 jumper I can power the RPi and Boss DAC separately.
Can I then power the Boss DAC using pin 1 (5V) and pin 15 (GND) on the J19 header or do I still have use the USB C connector?

I have made it as you can see in the picture and it works well for many months. It sounds fantastic!
The components see my signature.

On j25 both +5V (separatly), on j19/16 GND


I never though of feeding the power to the J25 jumper. Which of the two +5V lines is for the Boss Dac? The green or the violet?
You got a nice compact setup there. Mine will not be that compact. :cry:

Thanks for sharing.

I can not tell you which of the two pins is for RPI and which one for BOSS DAC. I had tested it in which I had only supplied one with 5V, so I had seen which one is for RPI.
For me it does not matter much, since both power supplies are identical. Only one is closer to the case, so this side of the DIYINHK board has better heat dissipation.

Yes the case is very compact, it comes from Audiophonics.
The power for the DIYINHK board comes from outside the ifi-Audio iPower 9V.


I’m not going to have the DAC stacked on the RPi because on mine if I have the RPi heat sinks installed the super capacitor on the DAC touches the RPi’s larger heat sink. So, mine will be more spread out.
I’m trying to make up my mind on what case to get.

I finally got mine working and have it wired the way do.
The volume control from the Volumio playback screen does not work.
Does yours volume control work?


Yes, for me it works normally.
Look at the mixer, if everything is correct.

I got it working by changing the mixer to software.

Something does not seem to be correct.
The BOSS supports hardware volume control.

Move back to Hardware Volume Control. It probably works as it should.
I already had the effect. After I went back to the original setting, it worked.

Hi rost21A,

have you described your set somewhere? I like the case you have used. Could you tell us a bit more about your setup?
Which case (brand, size) have you used?
Did you create holes for usb by drilling the case. They look quite nice.
And the power button? was it already provided with the case? How did you connect it to RPi.

Some question may sound basic but I’m a software guy and don’t know too much about electronics.


Yes, the case is really practical. I am not sure if this case is still available without opening for a display. Maybe you can ask Audiophonics about it.
Most openings and holes are already included. As it were, no mechanical work is necessary.
The opening for the HDMI I do not use it.
The hole for the power switch is included, you almost have to take this switch with LED. The case is actually made for the AUDIOPHONICS I-SABER V4 DAC. But I use the Allo BOSS DAC. The hole for the RCA jacks are therefore slightly too large, but it is not a problem.

Casing: https://www.audiophonics.fr/fr/boitiers-aluminium/boitier-aluminium-pour-i-sabre-dac-v4-raspberry-pi-3-ecran-oled-p-11720.html
This could be a good alternative … https://www.audiophonics.fr/fr/boitiers-aluminium/boitier-aluminium-pour-raspberry-pi-3-i-dac-pour-lecteur-reseau-audio-p-11599.html

Power supply module: https://www.diyinhk.com/shop/audio-kits/89-08uv-ultralow-noise-dac-power-supply-regulator-3357v-15ax2.html
You have to set the jumper to 5V!

As a power source I use this: (9V) https://ifi-audio.com/products/ipower/
The AC-Purifier may bring an improvement. https://ifi-audio.com/products/ac-purifier/
It seems very important to me that the power supply is extremely low in noise!


Hi can you teach me how to add momentary push button while dac on hat is connected to gpio

Well, that’s possible, but with a little tinkering.
But I didn’t do it.