Power Supply

What do you think of this power supply to use with Rasp and DAC?

ebay.com/itm/AC-110V-220V-TO … q5l5lWNUMg


I would buy a toroidal power transformer, then buy a linear regulator power supply to down the voltage to 5V and go that route for audio quality purposes. Switching power supplies are usually noisier than you’d want for an audio application.

That PS from eBay is definitely not an option to me. It almost guarantees more noise and less stability than a standard 5v 3A Raspberry PS. I agree that a linear PS is introducing less electrical and magnetical noise. On the other hand, with proper implementation of the device (raspberry and DAC plugged into it) a simple quality switching power supply works in fact almost as good (or even equally good) as an expensive, heavyweight, heating, power hungry set of two separate linear PS’s. It was measured for Raspberry with a DAC (as I remember it was a hifiberry DAC plus) in practical test with laboratory equipment.

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I used one of those some years ago, they’re about the same quality as cheap mobile phone chargers… So no big deal…

Sorry for the auto-promotion, but if I were you I would take this:

Great quality, right price and 0 hassle. It’s a very silent and convenient PSU for audio purpose :wink:

Thanks to everyone, in this post
you see what two of these sources look like, from there my query.

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Claus65 replied, this is the power supply he uses in his project:
amazon.de/Schaltnetzteil-LE … ll+rs-15-5

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The ripple noise of MeanWell used in that project is about 80mV. That’s a quality PS made by a respected manufacturer. The similarly looking PS from no-name-made eBay lot is definitely inferior compared to MeanWell product. Still, compare to the parameters of volumio.org/product/ifi-ipower/ , which suits the audio applications way better. On the other hand, even standard MW PS could be good enough, keeping in mind the DAC has its own stage of clean power. In my opinion, a standard Raspberry switching PS is good enough, the one from ifi-power would be some improvement (not sure if it worth the price though), when MeanWell will just give a similar quality compared to the official Raspberry PS but in more robust implementation while the eBay lot will be a downgrade.

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