Power supply for Raspberry 2

I’m planning to replace the USB switch mode power adapter by a better one.

A torodial or R-core transformer will feed a switch mode regulator. The regulatur should deliver 5V of course an at least 2A. I know there are some suppliers out there delevering complete regulator boards. Many of them are located in Asia and sell through ebay.

Can anyone recomend a switch mode regulator board from any of theses suppliers?



audiophonics.fr has some solution on this for they make a DAC with a rpi inside.

Either you make it from components they propose, for example :
regulated linear power DC LT1083 35V 7.5A
toric transformer 15VA 2X7V

or they have some already built but with a jack, so you have to use a cable converter

Are you looking for a switch mode regulator or a linear regulator? I’m considering buying/building a linear regulated power supply.

I’m in the process of building a power supply for my Raspberry Pi 2 B+. It’s going to be used a music server so I’m going a bit overboard with the power supply. The transformer is a 9v 30VA R-core transformer: http://www.ebay.com/itm/131546252093. The regulator is an eBay clone of the AMB Sigma11: http://www.ebay.com/itm/111820643468. The transformer and the regulator are in the mail on their way to me so for now, I’m powering my Raspberry Pi with my PowerAdd AR-2813. It can put out 2.1A so it’ll do fine until I can get my audiophile PSU cobbled together.