Power Supply Advice Needed

Hey all,
I’m starting my first Volumio project after I found an old T-Amp I built a decade ago (see images).
My ambitions fluctuate between reconstructing a BeoMaster 2400 with full control, to just stick it in a box and play with it a bit.

So I’m resorting to sticking it in a box and playing with it at the moment to get a feel for if I want to build something more proper in the future.
My electronics knowledge is limited. I know what components do what and I’ve built various circuits from diagrams, but never designed one myself.
For this I need two power supplies. 5v for the Pi and 12v for the T-Amp… What are my options?

Would it be best researching to build a rectifier circuit for a toroidal transformer, or just push in a 24v DC transformer and split/smooth?
I saw some cool stuff on crazy-audio, but he seems to be not selling stuff anymore. If there’s something that pushes out what I want, either ready built or as a kit, that’d be awesome, otherwise I’ll have to do a lot of research to make sure nothing is going to set on fire.

Any help much appreciated.



I’m designing a similar project. I’m studying different options for power supply also. I found this 12V 3.2A power supply:

ebay.es/itm/Universal-12-24V … 43cdf7a6f4

After that I would convert 12V to 5V with this:

ebay.es/itm/DC-DC-Converter- … 3395801931

My idea is insert everything in a metal box or similar.

Please keep us informed about your project!

The module below has a dual 12V and 5V supply ready made. So far I have tested the 12V supply on a Class D mini-amplifier and it works fine, not tried the 5V supply yet though. I intend to use it for the Pi and the DAC I have in addition to the amp as a one box / one power supply combo (with Volumio on it obviously).
amazon.co.uk/dp/B00HY3AA3S/r … B7RSJJN9MN

And this video shows the concept should work.

See if this helps.

I have the small USB DC-DC. The output is relatively clean but not the best for audio purposes (ok, not that anyone would notice unless knowing it in advance, but still), but if you want a better solution, use a adjustable one set to 7V output and then use a linear regulator with ceramic and electrolytic caps to go down to 5V.
Use this one to go to 7V:
dx.com/p/buck-constant-volta … -5a-239099

Im looking for a ready made PSU for my build.

I have found these links so far. Please add your links if you have any good options =)

crazy-audio.com/2014/03/powe … om-12-18v/
lowpowerlab.com/shop/index.php? … ightyboost
aliexpress.com/store/product … 32176.html
hifimediy.com/index.php?route=pr … uct_id=108

Hi !
Have a look here : audiophonics.fr/fr/alimentat … c-614.html
There is some PSU DESIGN for audio

cool thx! add more links to this thread! :slight_smile: