POWER ON / OFF with GPIO Buttons on ODROID C2

Dear Community,

I would like to use GPIO Buttons plugin as developer itended to us. Except the power OFF ( ON) functionality.

I would like to combine volumio GPIO Button plugins - POWER button option with ODROID C2’s build in POWER ON / OFF functionality - which is available from ubuntu release version 3.14.79-107 (Feb 26, 2017). Please, look at : odroid.com/dokuwiki/doku.php?id= … key_wakeup.

My questions are regarding this :

  1. Does Odroid C2’s kernel - using in volumio - allow manipulation of POWER ON / OFF button via BOOT.INI as in attached link ?
  2. If yes, is it possible to combine GPIO Button plugins POWER button pin assignment with kernels POWER ON / OFF button assignment ? I mean to use same port ?

Thank You in advance :slight_smile:


No, not out-of-the-box. There are other things missing. like the “acpid” package and its configuration.