Power issue with PI4 and volumio

Hi everybody,

I am a complete beginner in Pi.
I am trying to set-up an audio streamer with Volumio and a touchscreen + a on/off button.

My set-up is working perfectly without the power management (RS-50-12 Power supply + Pi-SPC + button) when plugged to the USB-C power.

When I plug the power management set-up to the Pi, It starts but then… white screen, grey screen, blincking and then… nothing more. It looks like it is rebooting and then dead.
A video is easier than lots of words

Here is a sketch of my set-up (I haven’t found an esay tool to draft the set-up.)

If you have any ideas, it would really help


Volumio Information

Volumio Version: v2.917
Hardware: PI4 + offical touchscreen + Audiophonics pi-SRC + RS-50-12 power supply
DAC: ES9023

what is your voltage and amps of you powersupply the output on the 5volt side not the incomming.
3amp 5.1v should be oke.

Git that. exactly that: 5,1V / 3A

a normal pi power supply would normaly work with this setup.
i have pi4 4gb / official touchscreen and a 3 amp / 5.1 volt power supply and extrenal usb dac.
and works oke.

I know, that’s why I am asking for help…
I will try tomorrow a direct power from the power supply to the PI to see if it comes from the PI-SRC board.

i’m still twisting between power sup or pi-src…

Hi, do you power a Rpi4 + (large) screen + audiohat with a standerd 3A power supply? You should try to measure the actual power delivered to the setup. All these devices combined indeed may lead to a power drop that interferes with the boot process. I have struggled with the same issue in the past. Only the use of a solid SMPS (in my case a Nirvana from Allo) could solve the issue. Can the screen be powered separately?

This might be too less.

According to the specs the Audiophonics PI-SBC REG needs to be fed with a supply voltage of at least 7V.

5.1 volt output gvolt, not the input on the pi sbc that’s 12v /4,2 amp if i read it correct.

You’re right. I overlooked that. Would be interesting if the values were measured during the boot process.

i didn’t see a undervotage on the screen, it seems like the screen is underpowered. i had the same screen with the 2.5 amp power supply.
but didn’t see any signs of that so i’m not shure yet.

I am atually doing extensive tests to see if it comes from the PS.
I will run first the pi alone, then the pi + the screen and then add the DAC…
Will see if one works


I have a good 11V at the output of the PS and 5,1V/3A at the output (both outputs - pi and screen) of the PI6SRC


Ok got it.
On the RS-50-12 power supply:

  • pi alone = works
  • pi + screen = dead
  • pi + dac = works

PI-SRC and button work fine.

I will see if I find ONE power supply which could do all of them.

thx for your help

There are problems with the native power supply. In fact, about 1,5A is enough to work together.

thx @fotograff
Indeed it works with a traditional USB-C with all components.

However ion my set-up, I want an On/off button and I could’nt find a way to have it wioth this kind of power supply. That’s why I bought PI-SRC and the extra Power supply.
If you know how to have a on/off button (physical, not within volumio) with the traditional USBC, I am your guy :wink:


btw what is the tool you use to measure the voltage and current on 4th pic?

you have them on aliexpress: usb-a and usb-c in one incl. read out on bt on your mobile or pc software
or the display measures voltage and amps.

and he has to measure the peeks on boot not if all is already started. if it draws to mutch at once you get undervoltage ( around 4.8 volt ).

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i have this one :slight_smile: