Power down / up RPi3 IQAudio DAC+

Hi there,

I bought the bundle RPi3 with IQAudio DAC+ in the Volumio-Shop. The combination works but I would like to attach some Button to shutdown the DAC and espacially to power it up when it was shutdown without pulling the power cord.

Soldering is not mine, so if there ist any solution by plugging a cable / button into one of the pins this would be great.

I also ordered one but never questioned that. I supose there is some kind of solution…

You could have a look at this: pi-supply.com/product/pi-su … er-switch/

or this:
instructables.com/id/Simple- … wn-Button/

or this:http://www.mausberrycircuits.com/collections/frontpage/products/shutdown-switch-with-rocker

Thanks for your response.

I don’t think the last solutions will work because the Pins are all used by the DAC+. What about the PINS on the top of the IQAudio DAC+, are there PINS which can be short circuited for doing a reset?

Did I mention, that I’m not able to solder? :smiley:

I believe that the GPIO pins are brought through to the upper surface of any HAT-compliant card. At least one of these is USB-based, so should be easy enough…

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OK, but what to do?! I searched the web and didn’t find any solution how to install a button. The best solution would be a button which makes a proper shutdown.
The second best would be a button which does a reset. Without the last solution the system is not very good to use for me, because I will have to plug the power cord on and off to start the system…

I’m sorry, i can’t come up with a neat way to do this without soldering; perhaps if there was someone selling the PiSupply as a complete item, rather than a kit?

Alternatively, the question arises why do you want to turn it off? It consumes so little electricity (and frequent power cycling is never good for electronics) that i just keep both RPis running on my hifi stack. One calculation (raspberrypi.org/forums/view … hp?t=18043) suggests that the annual cost of electricity for a year’s worth of RPi is £8.79, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Just a thought…

My brother in law is a programer. He will be setting up my Pi next week. Today I saw this topic and we were having lunch and asked im. He told the Pi is made no to be switched off. I believe im but I have to see how it does it.

Well, you’re both right. The Pi’s power consumption is quite low. But not the power consumption of my nas.

The problem is: My NAS powers down every night at 01:15 and powers up at 12:00 again. That means I’m saving round about 11 hours x 50 (or 70?) watts a day (*365 days). That means I am saving a little more than 200 kWh or about 60,- € per year. I won’t get poor, but I would waste it without benefit…

But there is running a script on my nas which prevents it from shutting down, if there is a client connected to the nas. When I am using my Windows-PC or streaming media, the nas will wait with shutting down, until the connection to the client is disconnected, for example if I am watching movies from the nas until 04.00 in the morning.
That means the nas would run around the clock, because the Pi ist connected to it. That is the reason why I have to switch the Pi off.

I hope this was understandable. Sorry for my English. :unamused:

Hmm, this isn’t a good solution but it is simple; thepihut.com/collections/cables … ith-switch. You’ll have to find an adapter to go down from USB-A to USB-micro to switch the Pi power but that’s not an issue. The problem will be that this risks frotzing the file system on the SD card as at some point you’ll turn the Pi off while it’s still writing to the card, but that’s what backups are for…

Hhm. Just switching it off is not a good idea, for that you’re right, I think.

Today I got this picture from IQAudio which shows where the GPIO 27 is located on the top of the DAC+.

Has anyone an idea wether it is possible to get the system shutted down and powered up with these

Hi, i found a Zero Watt solution which seems very nice to me. this thing is switching off when system is down.
ansmann.de/en/products/charg … ckets/aes3
cost of 10-20€ on the market. i’m gonna buy it and give feedback…

Please do give feedback.

Hi, so i bought a Ansmann AES3 for 11,98€.
I now have a full automatic power off after shutdown. Power supply included!
Here with the mamboberry LS DAC+ and Volumio installed and a ifi iPower supply.
The trick was to calibrate the standby off with nothing in the AES3, because the RpI consumption is so less.
You may have to change the calibrating procedure with your own setup, that the AES3 recognise the switch off point.
See here the video: vimeo.com/210763452

Thanks for the hint. The AES works great. I added a screen to the raspi, so I can’t forget to shutdown the system (and can control it at the device itself). And powering up is quite simple with the AES.

Thanks for your reply. For shutdown i use the GPIO Plugin in Volumio and a Button on GPIO 3 (pin5) to Ground (pin9 or 6).