Possible to run a torrent client on volumio?

Hi all, I have one rpi which is serving like a seedbox for most of my media.

I was thinking of setting up a volumio server by buying another raspberry pi because I was not sure it can run a torrent client on it.

Can someone shed light on whether or not I can run a torrent client on volumio?

you can install transmission http://maxtrixnix.blogspot.it/2013/08/raspberry-pi-come-installare-e.html
It’s a very good italian guide but I think that you can find a english one as well.

Oh so it is possible. What about rtorrent?

rtorrent is made for Linux and is written in C++ so it should work.

But i know that there is a remote gui and a web client for transmission.

So volumio in itself is kinda like a Linux OS, where I can ssh into it, run rtorrent, connect to a VPN if need be?

Fixed your post :smiley:

But be warned, apt-get upgrade breaks stuff in 1.55 and lower

Hi there,
Has anyone succeeded in installing transmission-daemon yet?
I can make transmission-daemon work on a local dir, but i cannot place it on extended storage like USB or HDD.

Looking for help. Thanks (sorry for my bad English :smiley: )

Follow this instructions, it is pretty easy and 100% working