Porting Volumio 2 to Beaglebone Black

Hi dude,
I’m have some experience with Linux, and I work as Field Application Engineering (FAE) include mixed signal hardware design / bare metal firmware / OS porting (AGL and QNX). So that why I want to help porting volumio 2 to beaglebone black (I just love industrial product).

After some research then I need your help to find out the right way:

  1. As I know there’re some script for build beaglebone black but in the build.sh file which call bbbimage.sh then it’s will copy some platform file ???( dont know what is it?, Linux kernel for BBB?) on github.com/volumio/platform-bbb.git . And because this git is empty then after I try to build the image output of BBB have bootloader empty.

  2. So can I try to doing like this first just to make the volumio 2 running on BBB (and get experience before writing build script?)

  • build Beaglebone black kernel source
  • build all packages
    MPD by Max Kellerman
    Shairport-Sync by Mike Brady
    Node.JS by Ryan Dahl
    SnapCast by Badaix
    Upmpdcli by Justin Maggard
    Then build volumio 2 based on that
  1. Would you minght to teach me how to create platform for bbb ? what is it? what it’s for?

Thank for your time

Basically, in the platform BBB repo you should put a tar.gz containing the kernel and uboot. This is all is needed, no need to recompile mpd nor node, since they are all compiled for arm.
I would suggest to use mieero kernel for bbb, and he offered to help. So you might want to use his kernel and maybe see if you need help here:
diyaudio.com/forums/twisted- … r-197.html

Let me know if I can help you in any way…