Portage Audiophonics On/Off of Sayato of volumio 2 to Volumio 3

I wrote to Sayato (who have built the plugin Audiophonics ON/OFF for Volumio 2) to port this plugin to Volumio 3.
His answer was:

"Hi buddy,

It’s only javascript, so the Volumio team should just rebuild the packages. I will push a new version (just minor dependency cleanup, nothing functional), so it will be top of mind for the team.


would it be possible to update the audiophonics on / off plugin for volumio 3 now?
I see the volumio 3 with many updates but never this plugin in hardaware appear.

Thank you for all.

Would be nice to see this plug-in up an running again :play_or_pause_button:

Yes , this plugin is very nice ! hope to see it again available ! thank’s to this community , and longlife to Volumio 3

I just made an Update to Volumio 3.175 and still are looking forward to be able to activate this plugin again.


Thank you Boris for this Christmas gift.


Oh, I‘m sorry.
What I meant to say is that it is not possible in the new version either.
But I‘m looking forward to that plugin to be activated in a futher version.

Sorry for not bringing a christmas gift Pierre.

Sorry Boris. My English is so bad that I misunderstood.
More than to wait again …

Christianrablay has post a solution who works for me.