Portable volumio Help

Hi There,

I have been using a rasberry pi for several years and I want to build a portable music server that I can take on a camp trip this summer. I was wondering if the cubox might be easier to use than the rasberry pi.

Is it possible to run from an external battery pack? like my rasberry pi? Also I would like to put my music directly on the micro SD card along with the operating system, would like be possible? As using the rasberry pi I have to use a usb hub to power the usb memory stick, which makes to whole thing not very portable

I use volumio on my raspberry pi at home and love it, and I see that this works well on cubox, so I was hoping this would make a more simple music portable server.

Any help would be great.



Yes, you can feed it with a 5v Power Bank (they are the most convenient batteries out there), and you can load your music on the SD Card…

Great thanks,

I’ve been trying to setup a shared folder on the rasberry pi using samba so I can copy music over to it from my network.

I’m struggling to understand how to do it, I know I have to edit the samba conf file, but there is already quite a lot of stuff already in there which I assume is important for volumio to work correctly.

Any help with this would be much appreciated.

Thanks, Matt