Pops and clicks when manually changes tracks.

I already have no idea how to avoid pops and clicks when manually changes tracks or presses play/pause. Sometimes it clicks so loud, so I’m worried about my speakers.
I have Raspberry Pi 3B+ and Volumio 2.632 connected to DSP via USB.
I also tested volumio with Odroid C2 and Khadas Vim2 - same trouble. I tested all of these boards with another DSP - same trouble.
But, when I tested SPDIF connection, there were no clicks and pops, just smooth track switching. Also, I installed Moode Audio Player on my RPi and it worked great via USB, so I’m sure the problem in Volumio.
I tried to modify all of Volumio audio settings, but with same settings on Moode and Volumio, Moode changes tracks with silence but Volumio clicks.
Please advice :unamused: