Pop-up menu off-screen

Volumio 2 - 0.976

On both my phone and my laptop, when I go to Web Radio —> Favorite Radios and choose a radio station, the options pop-up menu called up by the 3 lines on the right side of the screen. For the first three listings, the pop-up pulls down and is not a problem. For the rest of the listings, the pop up goes up instead of down. This can mean the menu is off screen at least partially, but can be reached by scrolling the list down as needed.

The problem is the 4th listing. You cannot scroll down enough to see the entire menu. The first choice, “play,” remains off the screen and unreachable.

Just checked and the same thing happens in the “Music Library,” but the options menu does not go as high, so the top menu choice is still on screen and can be selected. The difference seems to be with the web radio favorite radios, two of the listings “Add to Radio Favorites” and “Remove from Radio Favorites” in the pop-up menu are longer and take up two lines. This is not a problem in the other listings of Web Radios which only have one choice that takes up two lines.

Phone is a Samsung Galaxy S3 using the Chrome browser. Laptop is Ubuntu running Chrome.


Thanks for the report Mike,

The problem with the 4th webradio is on the current bug list, to be investigated