Pop / crack noises / power amplifier switches off for a short time

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

in December 2023, I registered as a new member and I’m also a greenhorn when it comes to streaming.

I’m having the following problem:

Between changing the tracks, whether I do the change myself or whether this happens during regular playback, there are pop/crack noises. The woofer contracts briefly but clearly. No problem with quiet listening/medium loud listening. You can make friends with them.

However, when listening loudly to audio files, it even comes so violently that my power amplifier switches off for a short time.

Technical details:

Volume 3.0 / Version 3.631

Spotify Plugin Version 4.0.4

Spotify is controlled via the Spotify app, as the audio quality 44.1 KHz 16bit can be used here. Directly via Volumio only 320kbps goes.

I have already uninstalled and reinstalled the spotify plugin twice.

I’ve also rebuilt Volumio.

DAC Model: Generic I2S DAC

However, I have already set various other models, here I could not make any difference.

DSD Playback Mode: DSD Direct

Audio buffer size: 12 MB

Playback Mode: Continuous

Type of Mixer: None

Specifications Music Streamer:

Musical Paradise MP-DX-DAC


Clock: MP-CLK External Ultra Clean CRYSTEK Femto Second

Raspberry Pi 4B

I would be happy if someone could help me, because the listening pleasure is severely clouded for me when the volume has to be turned down at the end of each track.

I would like to thank you in advance for your support.