Poor first impressions

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wrong. As new user that had no problem getting in a running V on my RPi4 it covers all that but actually using V? Nope. almost worthless. Example, I an starting to make playlist and I am using the 30 day free Qobuz and and Tidal services. Works fine but in a few cases I just looked at some tracks, maybe listened to something from an album and went on, Didn’t like, save to a playlist nothing, Next thing I know the track and the entire album are not only in my ! queue but in a playlist as well. Going to the three dots on the right side and clicking on 'remove from playlist does nothing. Even after shutdown for the evening and restarting the next day. Is that some feature I net to pay more for? Get a plugin? There is no search feature here or on the Volumio forum I can find. So far this recommended streamer be all is not something I would pass on to anyone.

Hi Joe, welcome to Volumio :wink: , even though you seem to be having a hard time of it.

Yes, the documentation is indeed in need of a good overhaul, and may well get it after this current transition to Volumio3. Can I also point out that the Community is also cordially invited to improving documentation too, so if you want to help:

Contribute to this Doc - Volumio Documentation

Your playlists problem will need to more carefully defined, and described so that it can be reproduced … preferably in it’s own post with as much info as possible, including device, Volumio version, and a system log (if you think it might be useful (Sending logs for troubleshooting - Volumio Documentation) . Yes, your playlists are remembered as a feature … even across multiple devices.

There is a ‘Plugins’ category/section in the forum:

and here you will find the Volumio Plugins Collection list.

I’m sorry that you feel like this, and I’d like to think that with a bit of help we might be able to change your impressions to be a bit more favourable.

P.S. I’ve moved your post to one in it’s own right, as I think that you are raising some valid points.