PodCast Work around

I got very interested in podcast lately and was looking for a way to listen to them with my Volumio on RPi.
I have a NAS which hosts my MP3 already so wanted to figure out a nice easy way to download and sync to dedicated folder for podcasts

I am pretty happy with this :

  1. Download and install gPodder ( I am using on MacOS but looks like it runs on windows and Linux also)
    sourceforge.net/projects/gpodder … p_redirect

  2. In the preferences configure as follows
    Devices tab
    select Device Type " Filesystem-based"
    Mountpoint: I used was Volumes/Public/SharedMusic/PodCasts
    You will need to use the path to your selected NAS folder

Other handy options under this tab include " After syncing an episode -> Delete from gPodder
(so should clear up your pC Hard drive)

Extensions Tab
I ticked “Rename episodes after download”
(Otherwise looks like it uses cryptic titles that will make no sense when you go to play through Volumio GUI later

  1. Use all the excellent functionality of gPodder to manage, select and download your required podcasts to your mac or PC Hard Drive

Let me know what you discover :slight_smile:


Alternatively you can automatically convert a set of podcast rss feeds to m3u playlists every hour. That way you don’t have to download the episodes, you can stream them on demand from within the playlists. See github.com/buzink/rss2m3u

Thank you for pointing to your project on github.
I am not able to have volumio 2 using the pls & m3u files generated by rss2m3u, though.
It seems that the playlists are in /data/playlists and that have another format.
thanks if anyone can help,