just installed vollumio on winndows laptop works ok
how to get plugins and how to install cant log in with app
is there how to section here

sadly there are hardly plugins available (or I also don`t know where to get them,…)
I only see spotyfy - nothign else :open_mouth:

Yes, just spotify for now. We’ll release more in the future, and also we expect the community to produce some…

thanks sounds good but very buggy on windows computer
will put aside and check back in future

Buggy is a bit too wide as a concept… Could you elaborate and tell what does not work?

some times web radio and spotify wont show up
some times usb stick with music wont show up
some times dragon fly dac wont show up
some times crashes when booting
cant get android app to work anytime
no problem with windows browser from my desk top
most of the time works ok may be my laptop

let’s start with some more info on your PC, they are unlike PI, Odroid, Cubox etc. and come in many, many different configurations. We surely have not covered everything yet.
What is it, which notebook, desktop, chipset?

Supporting a DAC currently goes as far as linux supports them with standard usb audio driver.
If a Dragon Fly needs anything sprecial, I’m interested to know and willing to help with that.

We have reports of many PC installations, the ones once booting have proved to be very stable and have not shown the intermittant problems you described.

gateway nv53a amd 3000 dual core 8gb ram 64 gb ssd volumio
boots off 4 gb pny usb music on sdxc card 64gb sandisk wont boot from
sd [this is the laptop] ubuntu and windows work no problem except dac on ubuntu will not adjust volume 100% only