Plugins Upload menu is gone!!!

In Plugins, plugins upload menu is gone.
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Hi there,

As i understood reading the changelog, it’s not a bug… It’s to promote the plugin trough volumio repository.

I guess Balbuze will update hi famous Spotify plugin soon.

Yes, I can confirm this is by design to improve the user experience of plugins. Have a read of the thread require-plugins-uploaded-plugins-repo-t8116.html

I’m honestly angry. That makes beta testing almost impossible.

If you are a plugin developer, there is the command:

volumio plugin install

which will simulate exactly a plugin install, and actually install it.
So no problem for beta testing.

Then, why being angry?

Hi all,

To just clear it up:

Unzip the plugin zip file you have downloaded and copy the unzipped folder e.g. to /home/volumio
(on Windows i use “WinSCP” for doing so)
cd to this folder and inside it start the command Michelangelo has posted before
Be patient - there is not much progress showing up - and - depending on the plugin it may take some time to finish.

I just tried it myself and found it working.
hope i could help.

  • Josef

Any chance Volumio might reconsider to bring it back to the dev page? This would help increase the test base for ‘beta’ testers and not only plugin devs :slight_smile:

Sorry, but no. If not the incentive to publish will not work…
Furthermore, installing via SSH ensures that proper feedback for beta testing can be provided, since it requires some skillsets that only expert users have. Which in turn can identify issues in a more efficient way.

Hi Michelangelo,

I understand this. There are many complaints in the forum about beta plugins, that may only disturb the core development of Volumio.

I’m no plugin dev but got it managed to install them this way.

Would it be possible to show up more information during the setup to get informed if e.g. the setup failed due to unavailability of a certain repo and also to be a bit more “interesting” while installing ?

Where do i usually find the log files of a setup - to check this or to report to the forum ?

As many others i just try to get deeper into and be able to be more helpful.

  • Josef

After command sudo volumio plugin install i have this in volumio.log

2018-02-26T20:59:56.037Z - info: Cannot download file - Error: Command failed: /bin/mv /tmp/plugins/ /tmp/ /bin/mv: cannot move '/tmp/plugins/' to '/tmp/': Permission denied