Plugins list is empty

After a fresh install and basically working System (rasp 3, DAC+) i am not able install any plugin (spotify, kodi …) because the plugin-list is empty … is there a cheap trick to fill the list? Tidal, that is in the Music-Tab works perfect.


Hi Micha,

Sometimes it takes a few seconds to populate the list, can you try and wait for ~10 secs? Every consecutive visit will load faster.

No thats not the Problem … waited 20 sec. Booted through, Installed a fresh Install on Rasp 3 … no item in the list

Did you download an official image from this website?


Funny: Installed fresh several times … then: List populated, could install some plugins … booted through: No Plugins in the list but the installed Plugins remains!

I would check your DNS settings - the plugins are populated by fetching the plugins.json file from a remote server.

I changed the IP after installation via the DNS Server/ DHCP Router, thats correct! Could this be the problem? So somewhere the change have to be followed up?

But in this step the address won’t be fucked’up ?

Ok, just installed Volumio, setup Network and DHCP, installed Volumio on that board again, now I have the Plugins … but this is a long way, is there no other?