Plugins list empty

Hi all and thank you first for this amazing server/client oriented tool.

My Fedora server auidio output is physically plugged into my audio receiver. My project is to run Volumio in a docker container to stream music directly from my server. So far, I have used the jbonjean/volumio docker image ( Everything worked beautifully. In less than a minute I was able to listen to the music streamed by this Volumio instance installed on my server, and to control it from any device in my household.

Now, I want to explore further and install plugins. however, the webUI “Search Plugins” tab is empty (see below).

Screenshot from 2018-12-05 16-18-40.png

Trying to install a plugin from the command line following the official wiki guidelines, but I got the following error:

(docker) root@7ab6400ecc45:/data/plugins/volparametriceq# volumio install plugin
bash: volumio: command not found

I have been trying to reach jbonjean, but I did not find a github-like repository for support. So, If anyone already experienced this kind of issue, or has an idea on it, or might propose another docker image, well, anything would be welcome.


I am trying to do the same. Install volumio in docker synology but I am not able. If you were so kind as to explain how you did it, I would appreciate it.
Thanks a lot