[PLUGIN] Zipi - Plugin Zip File Installer

Hi everyone, I’ve written Zipi (“ZIP Installer”) that lets you install plugins packaged in ZIP files. Already submitted a PR to get it included in the plugin list. Here’s an example of Zipi in action (downloading ZIP file for Soundcloud plugin and installing it):

  1. Download ZIP:

  2. Upload file in Zipi:

  3. Review plugin information:

  4. Install success!

Hopefully PR will get accepted.

Source code here:

Nice work, and looks like a slick interface!

Unfortunately I don’t think the devs will accept it. :frowning: There was an inbuilt plugin upload page in the past that was explicitly removed. Also my attempts to get the CLI plug-in installer to install directly from zip was also not merged.

Either way, it would nice to see the plugin system get some love (especially for developers), because the current system is rather, lets say unergonomic? :wink:

Kudos for what you achieved especially in the UI part, well done!
As I mentioned in the PR, this won’t be accepted since we want to avoid people installing from zip files. This way:

  • We have a code review of submitted plugins, so we ensure they are safe and stable
  • This will create a better plugin ecosystem for everyone

I however believe that you nailed the install process here, very nice and informative UI. We are in the process of revamping the plugin system for Volumio 3.x. Would you be interested in taking part in that? Or at least provide us some feedbacks?