[PLUGIN] YouTube2

These figures are reported by MPD as it reads the streams. On my DAC it does show 48khz but I’m sure the 32-bit part is wrong. I ain’t too concerned about this though…

Buster-based Volumio will not require MPD update because it already ships with a recent-enough version. It’s still in beta phase though, so I would presume many are still on version 2.8xx.

@patrickkfkan youtube channel images are not loaded in the 3.10 empty boxes…


I’m on 2.853. The images do show up.

Do the images show up in the combined search results, and only disappear when you click ‘More…’?

If you are on Chrome / Edge browser, could you press F12 and then use the Element Selector to select one of the tiles? You should see something like this:

(The element selector button is the top-left button).

On 2.853, there’s this line:

<img class="music-card__img " src="https://yt3.ggpht.com/ytc/AAUvwnj4mAjSUfn_3RCRSzaQnkx5fb0HSTiBrCEhTLH6=s176-c-k-c0x00ffffff-no-rj-mo" alt="">

Do you spot this on 3.10?

Does the same thing happen when you view playlists, videos…?


it’s only not showing in the channel the rest shows… yt playlist and yt video are showing normal,
yes, on 3.10

if i put the url as you said in browser bar it loads…
https://yt3.ggpht.com/ytc/AAUvwngMoCZOFlIayfY36XYmXMFkvEfaX-U2om851XTxoA=s176-c-k-c0x00ffffff-no-rj-mo ltt linus tech tips :stuck_out_tongue:

if i hover over it in element Selector he says could not load…
<img class="music-card__img " src="https://yt3.ggpht.com/ytc/AAUvwnjBR8yZgaKBTh2ngCQG7jDJD_DoQWFB7NVfKZvW=s176-c-k-c0x00ffffff-no-rj-mo" alt="">
no playlist and video’s just show all images …

i see a <i class="undefined"></i>

As far as I can see, in comparison to playlists and videos, channels do not have an ‘artist’ label. I wonder if 3.10 checks for this and refuses to show the images when the artist label is missing.

I have made a slight change to add a blank artist label to channels. Can you update the plugin as follows and report back:

// Go to the directory where you first performed the installation
volumio:~$ cd ~/youtube2-plugin/volumio-youtube2
volumio:~/youtube2-plugin/volumio-youtube2$ git pull
volumio:~/youtube2-plugin/volumio-youtube2$ volumio plugin update
volumio:~/youtube2-plugin/volumio-youtube2$ sudo systemctl restart volumio

If channel images are still not showing up, then I would have to try 3.10 in a VM and see if I can reproduce the issue… :face_with_monocle:

run the update no change … and volumio can not be higher then 80% otherwise is will crack up…

you could fix this if something isn’t in a parser with a ? mark. i use it mostly with regexp
that’s looks if something is there if not skip… i will look for the 3.10 on the site for you…
don’t use the 3.14 that is broken …
use the version 0.010 Raspberry Pi Volumio-3.010-2020-08-21-pi

gonna burn now the latest official 2.853 (20-11-2020) to test :stuck_out_tongue:

tested the old version of yt v2 on the 2.853 same issue with it… no show of channels…
what version did you use for testing?


It’s not that. I deliberately left out the artist label because it doesn’t apply to channels.

Anyway, just installed 3.010 and channel images do show up, whether or not the artist label is left out:

I tested on 2.853 (rpi 3b) and 2.834 (x86).

Pointing at a tile with the element selector gives me this:

Could you compare the full section on your side?

Also, have you tried with another web browser or clear the browser cache?

soon we will have some more @patrickkfkan

I actually just tested in Firefox and the channels are showing fine.

At least now we can be certain that the plugin is returning correct data…

Perhaps we can wait until more testers come along and report if they have the same issue?

@Axel @jnreinwa @DoNaLdDuck @queengab @domi @Daraia @trananhvks @duong_nam @cmoulliard @alamoudi.moh
new release of youtube 2

@framboiseMusicale @TonyK @danielfelix @Ho_Xuan_Thieu @smoneck @tekdrumio @giorgosperi
@Travis_Tompkins @ictin @ppan
new release of youtube 2

Nice will try it when the kids are a sleep, not working on Volumio-3.014-2020-12-10-raspberry. will try volumio-2.619-2019-09-24-pi. i know the other one is beta :slight_smile: report back in a bit

Thanks for sharing @dvo ! I plan to give it a try

@DoNaLdDuck i hope that it works for you the 3.10 is my favo… 3.14 is a lot of work…
for the volumio-2.619-2019-09-24-pi you need to update the mpd…

did you get it working then ?, we need a MIRC channel damm LMAO

a bit after fixing some links it did a bit but it seems that there is to mutch broken in the 3.14
take the 3.10 and you will be happy :slight_smile: @Osdieman @yomismo @LEO_1986 @ogggi @Aster @aseg @billtsig @PieterVoet [PLUGIN] YouTube2

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you got a link by any change ?


On 3.010 (rpi), I had to create a symbolic link to /usr/bin/node before running volumio plugin install:

$ sudo ln -s /usr/bin/node /usr/local/bin/node
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that problem i also hade on the Volumio-3.014-2020-12-10-raspberry i tooth it was me so now installing 3.10

and will do your symbolic link