Plugin Wish List

Quick Poll: what are the plugins you would like to see in the brand new Volumio2?

CD playback would be great, with potentially track name & album art lookup in some popular music db service


Just adding the current Plugin request from Github into the mix.

Podcasts (
Browse and be able to download podcasts straight into Volumio

Touchscreen Support (
A plugin to support common touchscreens

Wake on LAN for NAS devices (
Ability to send a magic packet to wake up NAS devices from Volumio

Bauer Crossfeed for Headphones (
Implement the Bauer stereophonic-to-binaural DSP for headphone listeners

Spotify Connect Web (
Implement spotify connect web for switching between Airplay and Spotify Connect

Google Play Music (
Support Google Play Music like the Spotify plugin

Amazon Prime Music (
Support Amazon Prime Music like the Spotify plugin



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i dont know if it’s a “plugin” or another way of implementing this feature, but for those like me who use a usb disk with music stored on it (instead of reading from a NAS or a network drive), i would like to configure spindown time, and other hdparm parameters to have my disk rest a little while i leave volumio powered on 24/7.


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If possible ickStream would be nice, according to their site they support some other platforms:


Today I started off with a fork for Bluetooth A2DP streaming. While the install script seems to be pretty okay already, the actual pairing/communication is quite tricky since BlueZ5.
In addition, I still didn’t fully grasp the architecture of the plugin system. Is there any appropriate way to communicate with the other plugin devs, e.g. mailing list or something like that?

I would very much appreciate that, too. Already spent quite a while trying to get that running locally on Beta and RC1, but can’t get my drive to play without buffer underrun.


Thanks indeed for looking at that effort: hope Emixam or others may help: hopefully RC2 multiple fixes may have solved some of the reading performance issues too…

Maybe the thread could be moved to a plugin section now…

Hey all,
as I am almost ready to transfer to RC2 now, kudos for all the work you have put into this!

Maybe I should describe my setup before i note my suggestions: I have 2 Spots where i listen, my study with a PC-Audio, here I also manage my huge library, using Musicbee. After the music is tagged I copy it to the NAS (backup!) to our living room for general access. There Volumio is running 24/7 on a RasPi-NAS setup which is connected to the HiFi and controlled by Laptop or just Phone.

While thinking of what i really would like to see as plug-ins/features, first thing coming to my mind would be searching music by customizable filters like I do on my PC with Musicbee

Meaning i.e.Hey, it’s partytime, so please ‘show me all stuff thats genre Disco or R&B, only ratings >4

Next thing would be a freely configurable interface with customizable views on my library. One thing i really like about my fav. mpd-client for the PC (Canata) is that you can group music fast and easy by albums/genre or whatever while viewing them in tiles and still can change the sorting a bit. Unfortunately just a bit, indeed. So, similar to the above mentioned search functions, some more stackable filters in views (group by alphabet / group by year / group by rating etc.) would make browsing a huge library so much easier.

First of all I hope I could express my thoughts well enough to get my message through and second I hope these wishes are not to preposterous (sp?) or just plainly crazy. If so forgive me please, I’m just dreaming of the perfect system :slight_smile:

Tx again for your work, Blue

It’s interesting. Is there any opened thread about this? Are you adapting ALSA driver in order to use A2DP or are you using pulseaudio? I successfully used pulseaudio + bluez with volumio 1.55 and A2DP.

I think some hardware button plugin would be nice. Then you only have to map the buttons to volumio’s button handling.
For instance if you press next, now I would map it to mpc next and that would not work if spotify is playing. This would also make ir remotes easier to add.

Something like that?

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Exactly that :smiley:

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general display plugin for diffenrent display types would be awesome
[] LCD 162 and 204 (44780 driver)
] OLED Display with different controllers (SSD1322, SSD1306…)
[*] and - as mentioned before - different Touchscreens

maype some extendable plugin which can be used witch different modules…
for oled maybe
for 44780 driver?

i would love to help but i’m new to node.js but i’m a quick learner.
is the plugin api somewhere documented? all objects and so on?

best regards


and last but not least a lirc plugin: … or-nodejs/



also, a play/stop with NFC cards would be nice ! let’s imagine also a webUI that allows to link a specific NFC tag to a particular playlist or folder.
that involves the possibility for a plugin to add a driver for a new hardware (usb?).
Is that possible at this time ?

Regards !

Volumio Share Center !!!
A plugin to allow the sharing of USB mount via smb (with read only /write option)
And a sharing via mini dlna (just enable and select folder to share)

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Oh yes!

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Sounds like fun but very niche.

This would be great I think many will love it. I believe this should be behind some form of login and then add most settings behind the same wall.

Spotify Connect