[PLUGIN] RemotePi

The plugin enables support for MSL Digital Solutions’ RemotePi boards for Raspberry Pi 4, Pi 3 B+, Pi 3, Pi 2, B+ and B on Volumio 2 and 3.

After activating the plugin the RemotePi board will get signaled as soon as Volumio is shut down via the GUI. This allows the RemotePi board to cut power from the RasPi after the shutdown process has finished.

Further more the plugin detects the signal that is sent by the RemotePi board in case its hardware knob has been pressed or an IR power off signal from a remote control has been received. The plugin then initiates the shutdown of Volumio and sends a signal back to the RemotePi. This allows the board to detect when Volumio’s shutdown process has finished and cut the power afterwards.

The plugin configures Volumio to load the necessary overlay for the IR receiver of the RemotePi board. By default the plugin uses GPIO18 for the IR receiver. But as the hardware of RemotePi boards can be modified to use GPIO17 instead the plugin allows to set up the configuration accordingly.

Note: The plugin will not install and setup LIRC! This can be achieved by installing the IR remote controller plugin. Pay attention to get at least version 1.2.0 of the IR remote controller plugin. Earlier versions will override the gpio_in_pin setting with GPIO25.

Hi, i hope this is the right place to post my answer. I have some issues using a remote PiBoard vwith volumio plugin on a Pi 2.
I can switch off the system but i’m not able to reboot it using the pushbutton on top. Everything seems to work but the green led stop flashing and nothign happens. I have to unplug the power cable to unfreeze everything. Can you help me?

I assume you are referring to the button connected to respectively being part of the RemotePi board. This button allows to power and to shutdown the Pi but not to reboot (i.e. system going down and starting again without cutting power). You can initiate a reboot from Volumios UI.

In case by “reboot” you should mean starting the Pi after it has been shutdown: Does Volumio start its boot process after you have pressed the button? Are the Pis status LEDs lighting?

Normally you can boot the PI directly with the remotePi. But I have to say that I use the newer version here in combination with a Raspi 4b…

I made the experience that the people from MSL, who made the remotePi, are very nice and helpful people. If necessary - if no solution can be found here - you can also ask them directly. In any case, they helped me with my questions very quickly and well!

Only the green led on the remote board is active, blinking and then fixed in green. The red led on the pi board remains red, no other activity sign.

I’ve just sent an email them too… thanks.

Sorry for asking the obvious, but where do you plug in the power supply (Pi or RemotePi board)?

it should be in remotepi board … if think logical…

Sure :wink:

Never be afraid to ask for obvious, as i was “obviously” pluging it in the wrong board. :grimacing:
I really thank you.

:grin: And does it work now?

Yes, obviously… :smile: :smile: :smile:

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Does anyone know where the RemotePi board is still available? Since MSL Digital Solutions is permanently closed?

Regrettably it seems the boards are out of production. :frowning:

If you are lucky you still might find one in an online store like here.

Thanks for your reply!!