[PLUGIN] Podcast plugin for Volumio

I’ve updated Podcast plugin for Volumio. This updated version includes BBC radio podcasts and some minor bug fix. As you know BBC podcasts are not allowed to access easily their podcasts and there is no public BBC podcast feed RSS url, so I add BBC podcast to this plugin. Some podcast episodes that includes “[UK Only]” at podcast title are played only UK region.

Updated podcast plugin (0.1.0 version) pull request is submitted to Volumio plugin repository. If you want to use this updated plugin, please read podcast collection article https://volumio.org/forum/volumio-plugins-collection-t6251-30.html#p46678 and you can download it.


a-bbc01.jpg a-bbc3.jpg a-bbc4.jpg


I have a problem with a podcast link. All the others works fine but this one keep crashing/rebooting my RPI
Someone could help me?
The link is this one btw theminimalists.libsyn.com/rss :blush:

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Firstly I would like to thank you for making such a great plugin available for Volumio. Without a podcast plugin, Volumio would only be half as good for me! Thanks a lot!

Secondy, I do have an issue with the sound output of all my podcasts randomly stopping after starting it.

To be more precise:

  • I use a PI Zero with a HiFiBerry DAC+
  • I start playing a podcast and while I see that playback still runs on the webinterface (the seconds counter is still counting), there is no sound anymore.
  • This behaviour is happening with all my podcasts, for example this one here from NPR: npr.org/podcasts/344098539/ … -t-tell-me

Could you help me out her?

I habe the same issue :cry:

I have this problem also

This works well for me playing This American Life on an old Raspberry PI
using the built in audio. I cannot get it to play RadioLab using its Feedburner RSS uri at http://feeds.wnyc.org/radiolab
It will add it fine and display all the episodes as well. When I select one to play, the wheel spins, and during this spinning at about 20 seconds I can hear a faint series of chimes, then the spinning quits without having ever played any content or moving the progress bar. The dev page never show the values populating in the player state at the top. Can anyone help? Any hints or suggestions would be appreciated.

I did not know about this plugin. Just discovered it!!!
Thank you!!

Hi, will there be a version for Volumio 3?

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Plugins are pieces of software developed by community members, best to contact the author.

By posting in the author’s thread, that is my intention, and should they reply in this thread others searching for " Podcast plug-in for Volumio" will find their response.
(The link in the @cgsong original post returns " Oops! That page doesn’t exist or is private.")

I’m a developer of podcast plugin and I found that there is no podcast plugin in Volumio 3 so I’ll contact plugin repository manager of Volumio for the missing plugin.



Podcast plugin desperately needed! Did not expect it to be missing when I upgraded from 2 to 3…


You don’t need anything to do upgrading version 2 to version 3 for plugins. Volumio manager said some of plugins are still migrating so please wait for their working…



Neither did I… :frowning:
A shame no rollback option is provided for Volumio (hopefully I kept a 2.6 version on my computer)

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Thank you for your participation. I hope that soon it will be possible to enjoy New of this plugin.


I raised an issue a while ago in the old volumio-plugins repo that saving favourites from the podcast plugin doesn’t work. I’m happy to try to add this feature but I’m assuming I should wait until it’s moved to the volumio-plugins-sources repo.


Thank you for your interest. In addition, I’ve been developing searching podcast directory feature.


Just left a comment on the issue, I’ve made some progress but there are some non-trivial changes that need to be made to make Podcasts work with Favourites.

Do we have any idea when it will be moved to the new repo?

Unfortunately, I was shocked to discover that the Potcast plugin is no longer available with version 3. For me, this functionality is essential. As long as this plugin is not available, Volumio is “out of order” for me :frowning:

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Unfortunately the stoppage in plugins is terrible.