[PLUGIN] Phish.in for Volumio

A (not-at-all-asked-for) plugin for Phish.in is now available for testing! Hopefully there are some live music and/or jam fans out there to enjoy!

This plugin can play over 1,500 Phish concert audience recordings (3,815 hours of music). Plugin uses the Phish.in API v1. Phish.in and the Volumio Phish.in music service plugin comply with Phish’s official taping policy as described at http://phish.com/#/faq/taping-guidelines.


  • Stream mp3 tracks hosted on Phish.in
  • Listen to complete shows or add individual songs to the play queue
  • Gapless playback
  • Listen to shows played on this date OR a random show

Known Bugs

  • Seek may cause timer overruns that will cause UI to advance 1 track too far (fix submitted in PR #1583)
  • 2 consecutive tracks from Phish.in and another service may stop the player (fix submitted in PR #1583)
  • gracefully fail search (when search fails due to no response from Phish.in, results from other music services might not return; cannot reproduce this reliably)

Project Repository

The plugin has to be installed manually for now using ssh and this zip file: https://github.com/lostmyshape/volumio-phishin/blob/master/volumio-phishin.zip. I will submit a PR to add to the official list of Volumio plugins when I return from vacation in 2 weeks.

Well done lostmyshape, don’t forget to post in the plugins collections thread when you’re ready.

Pull request submitted (#248).

I couldn’t get this plugin to work. I’d get an error as soon as I clicked on anything. Sorry for not being as descriptive as possible. When I get back home I’ll check again and report.

Hey Mullet – thanks for trying. Admittedly I abandoned this a while back – it was in working shape when I stopped developing it but haven’t kept up with any changes in Volumio. I’m not sure if it works now or not.

If you have any coding skills and want to help me pick it back up again let me know and maybe I’ll get back to it.

I can code.

Let me fix it.

I am new to volumio, this is in plugins, but it comes up as an error.
Is it me? Do I need to do something?

Not new to Volumio, but new here in the community.

I unearthed this discussion and am here to see if there has been any other work on the Phish.in plugin. Big fan of the idea but have zero development chops to complete such a plugin, sadly. However, I can maybe help given some idea of where the issue is.

Today, when trying the plugin in Volumio 3 all queries (browse by year, tour, this day) the error results in the same. The Volumio log says:

info: CoreCommandRouter::executeOnPlugin: volumio-phishin , handleBrowseUri
info: CURURI: phishin/years
error: Failed to execute browseSource: Error: An error occurred while querying Phish.in.

I imagine it’s possible the API key expired. It doesn’t look like the Phish.in API has changed. But I can’t be sure of either of these things. Hopefully someone with the knowledge to help sees this.!

Update: Screenshot of the UI error is also attached.
Screen Shot 2022-07-22 at 2.43.14 PM|569x500