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It’s the little things in life…

But thanks so much @patrickkfkan for adding the margins to the album art. I just had the time to grab the beta version from the DEV environment and I am very happy with the result. Stuff like this is what makes Volumio great!

Here is my new configuration thanks to Patrick.

Hi Patrick, it’s not the first time I do this, but I still can’t install version 0.7. Everything installs correctly, but it still shows me version 0.6

1.update from 0,6 - installs - shows ver.6.0
2.factory reset - installs - shows ver.6.0
3.fresh installation - installs - shows ver.6.0
I don’t know where the problem is?

what is the device you are using?

Rpi4 and 5 (both have the same effect)

on RPI, I get

Are you sure you enabled plugin test mode?

of course, as I wrote earlier, it’s not the first time I’m doing this

you have to remove previous and reboot before beta.
I tested and it just work as expected.

I deleted it several times. Reboot - beta installation - shows version 6 again…


Restart and …

you have to click on detail and choose which version to install, if not, only stable is installed!

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Yes yes yes - you were right!!! A strange way… but … works!
Thank you very, very much. I was struggling so much. TY

Okay, now my Volumio front end is very steady (for quite a while), it’s time to explore something new and I think the idea of having a screen from my phone/tablet/pc or Mac that control the Volumio showing a scrolling lyrics is wonderful. My screen that connects to the RPi5 still shows a proper PeppyMeter Screensaver.

So I installed the Now Playing plugin and with the Now Playing (Preview) screen (info view), when I click on “Open Preview” under “Now Playing Configuration/Daemon Settings” it always shows Lyrics unavailable.

Can someone help me understand in short answer of how the “Now Playing Plugin” works?

Volumio - 3.736
Touch Display - 3.4.0
PeppyMeter Screensaver - 2.2.1
Now Playing - 0.7.2

You can try these steps below which I learnt from @patrickkfkan to get synced lyrics working, so far they worked for me. I try to make it as short an answer as possible:

  1. install latest versions of jellyfin and YouTube Music plugin
  2. install Jellyfin server plugin but I install into a Windows OS laptop to avoid interference with Volumio OS. Jellyfin server installer can be downloaded from https://jellyfin.org/
  3. Setup Jellyfin server and create an account
  4. Follow the initial setup wizard to add your music libraries from the dashboard.
  5. Remember the username and password so you can login after the setup
  6. Next download from GitHub - tranxuanthang/lrcget: Utility for mass-downloading LRC synced lyrics for your offline music library. and install LCRGET apps to download lrc synced lyrics files into your music library. No lyrics or lyrics will not scroll without .lrc files
  7. Configure Jellyfin plugin by adding Jellyfin server’s host ip address, username and password
  8. Goto Volumio browse and launch Jellyfin apps and click on the icon with your username and you will find all your music library.
  9. To display synced lyrics in your device, you need to select the songs that have lrc file as LRCGET does not have the database of lrc files for every songs especially Asian music.
  10. To circumvent this shortfall, you can try Youtube Music where I was able to find Chinese songs tagged with lrc
    Hope the above helps

Thank you very much. Steps 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 done; however, I downloaded the LRCGET app but how to install it? I downloaded the Mac version.


Wait a little bit longer. Next version will retrieve synced lyrics from LRCLIB so you don’t have to download them yourself.

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Thanks @patrickkfkan .

Updated v0.7.3. This version fetches lyrics from LRCLIB, unless the current music service provides them. Synced lyrics have priority over plain ones, unless you disable them in the settings. Genius, if configured, will be used as the final source in case LRCLIB fails to provide the requested lyrics.

Plugin currently in beta channel. To update:

  • (optional) Backup current settings under “Backup / Restore Settings”
  • Uninstall old version
  • Restart Volumio
  • Enable “Plugins Test Mode” in http://<your volumio address>/dev
  • Go to plugin store → click Details button under Now Playing plugin → install latest beta version
  • (optional) Restore settings under “Backup / Restore Setting”

Yep it’s working. Great job.

Hi buddy, having too much booze :tumbler_glass: :beer: :beers:lately :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Works for Spotify, Chinese lyrics…
Great Job ! Thank you !

Thanks, Patrick, the synchronized lyrics from LRCLIB work wonderfully!
No more scrolling issues even on smart TVs, fantastic job!

In my opinion, this plug-in fills a major gap that I have always been surprised wasn’t prioritized by the development team (every music player nowadays has a lyrics feature), so thank you very much!