[PLUGIN] MPD OLED - installation & configuration plugin

is possible this command:
" -P pause screen type: p - play (default), s - stop "
expand with
“o - off”.
so that the display is only on when playing music. and when you take a break it’s off (dark)!?

Unfortunately my display already has burnt spots :frowning:

It’s not possible with the plugin because it simply runs mpd_oled as a service. You’d need to change the mpd_oled code, compile it and drop it into the /usr/local/bin/ folder.

Have a look here: GitHub - antiprism/mpd_oled: MPD, Volumio, RuneAudio and Moode OLED status and spectrum display for Raspberry Pi (and similar)

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Or read my previous post…

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OK .
It’s all very complicated :frowning:
strange that no one has complained about it yet or someone has integrated it (pause display off) into the source code.
I don’t have that much idea about it. then have to live with it. Thank you . Maybe there will be a simple solution at some point.

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I think not many people care as a new SSD is less the 2 euro. So if you have to replace it once a year…

OK . I’ve never seen anything under 2 euros. but at Ali it’s around 3.5 euros.

Thanks .
But this is 0,96 inches.and no ship to Germany from this seller
I have 1.3 inches.

I dont think mpd_oled is being worked on at the moment unfortunately. Thinking about it maybe it could be done in the plugin. It could stop mpd_oled if the player has not been playing music for a while :thinking:

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You need to add parameters to the mpd_oled setup screen, config in order to accomplish this. As not everyone want this.
An you’re no longer in line with source code, so you need to keep updating this.
Stop mpd_oled generates the clock screen, so you need to break in there as well. doable but not an easy fix.

main.ccp & display_info_h.
src.zip (9.3 KB)

The logic is basically in here, but it’s the dev branch, using different display drivers. Only the setting is stored in a separate file, so it can be overwritten via RC or GPIO.

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It is correct that I am not currently working on mpd_oled, and difficult for me to predict when I will return to it. The original mpd_oled is in maintenance mode, and I will not be adding any new features to it. Any future development will be on mpd_oled_dev. The current mpd_oled_dev is simply a rough version of the original mpd_oled that I wrote to test using the U8g2 display drivers and graphics library as a runtime library. It may work on screens not supported by mpd_oled but is not meant to be considered a release (e.g. I think it has some text alignment issues).


Hi Adrian, thanks for your feedback.
I’ve modified the text alignment in my previous post.

in the meantime, would it be possible to cobble together a version of the plugin that references the dev build? It would be awesome to have the features of the gui plugin along with the expanded screen support of the dev version, and TBQH, i wouldn’t mind a “screensaver” on that 5" oled screen :sweat_smile:

I can offer my help if need be.


I’m uncertain about the value of developing a plugin relying on the developmental version of mpd_oled. Since there’s no ongoing development on the dev branch of mpd_oled, creating a plugin based on it would result in an unsupported solution, making it unsuitable for public release. Nonetheless, modifying the plugin should be straightforward enough :slight_smile:

You can find the repository here: https://github.com/volumio/volumio-plugins-sources/tree/master/mpd_oled

The development branch of mpd_oled has the same command parameters so the plugin might not need to be changed much.

Well, as stated by Adrian, there is also no longer ongoing development of the main branch either, so the dev branch is technically more up to date of the two, along with expanded hardware support. so i am not sure that to say it is of ambiguous value is necessarily a fair assessment.

that said, I do appreciate your position,
I have forked your plugin, and have replaced the mdp_oled directory with a github submodule to mpd_oled_dev.

I would however, like to pick your brain on speculation on what, off the top of your head, might need to be changed/updated in your plugin to simply get things installable and working for now?

and thank you :slight_smile:

Hi ashrond

I will not be adding new features to the original mpd_oled, but I do continue to support it and fix bugs. I cannot currently offer any help or support for running mpd_oled_dev.


The plugin is nothing more than a service configuration tool for mpd_oled. It doesn’t do anything special. You might wanna change install and uninstall script to install mpd_oled_dev. There might be some changes in the plugin to allow the screen to be selected.

I did have mpd_oled_dev running on a X86 with a USB to I2C adapter. If I get chance I’ll see if it’s still working, albeit without the plugin.

Hi Adril,
thank you for the response, sorry about the confusion, I stand corrected.
Not presently looking for any support, nor do I intend to. You wrote a great program*, hopefully it continues to develop in the future.

That is exactly what I was looking for. Ill start hammering on it this afternoon,
thank you!
i formerly had the mpd_oled_dev running on a previous, very out of date install of volumio, so I know it should work fine with my setup, I just want a nice and easy control interface for it :smile:

Creating a plugin might not be feasible due to the extensive parameters necessary to define a screen. For example, my screen is SSD1306,128X64,I2C,bus_number=5 , and accommodating such specifics within the plugin’s user interface could be challenging. Even with a limited interface, merely offering a textbox for screen definition may not suffice, as users might struggle to determine the correct input amidst various screens and protocols. It’s likely more practical to keep the mpd_oled_dev configuration defined at the service level.