[PLUGIN] MPD OLED - installation & configuration plugin

I want use my mpd_oled version with ALSA Loopback
Actually the plugin don’t work properly on my system
Playback become stuttering as hell when enabled, also fifo was non perfect on Volumio 2 because spectrum and playback was not always in sync
On moode can use loopback and it’s always in sync

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The plugin doesn’t call mpd_oled with -t not sure what’s happening there? -t isn’t supported by mpd_oled either.

I have a branch of mpd_oled that did support -t -e -v but this is just for experimental purposes.

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I’m talking about my own version

look at post 517

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You’ll have to reinstall your version of mpd_oled and put it into /usr/local/bin/ for the plugin to be able to use it.

@davidevinavil it would be easier for me to provide installation instructions for mpd_oled on Volumio if there was a Volumio plugin that simply configured copies of the audio. Such a plugin would also be useful for people who want a simple way to run other audio visualisers on Volumio.

Regarding your issue, if you are interested in hacking one of the mpd_oled plugins to make the audio copy using ALSA loopback then you may find the following mpd_oled issue of interest (load the loopback module, incorporate the loopback parts of the example configurations into the plugin’s ALSA configuration, and set mpd_oled -c appropriately)

Spotify an Airplay · Issue #4 · antiprism/mpd_oled · GitHub


@Adrii I got partially working

actually I can select on volumio settings the loopback output and spectrum work fine, but no audio from my DAC
either if select my DAC spectrum stop working

also noticed that after reboot /etc/asound.conf return to original one

@davidevinavil Why are you refering to Volumio2?

The plugin includes an ALSA configuration file, you should change the part that outputs using volumiofifo to instead output through the loopback device. Compare with the example files in the mpd_oled issue to see the (small) changes required. Sorry I can’t be more help at the moment. If I have a chance, I’ll look at making a working configuration file for the plugin when I set up a Volumio machine, at the weekend.

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I was on Volumio 2 until some days ago…
then switched to moode and has no issue with loopback device, but I would stay on Volumio 3 if all works…
Actually I’ve enabled mpd_oled_FIFO but as on Volumio 2 it is not always in sync between playback and spectrum

Yes, I think that would work! @davidevinavil

You’ll need to change mpd_oled/asound/volumioalsa.postalsa.5.conf and set the output to your loopback device.

Have you actually got it all working on Volumio 2?

Yes but wit fifo

what FIFO?


Just to be sure…
From a fresh clean volumio3 install, you installed the plugin from the store, enable it, no other change and it doesn’t work as expected?

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Yes. Music playback stutter as hell
Since it work smoothly on moode I think the alsa loopback is the solution

But in the meantime I’ve installed on a fresh build mpd_oled from source and got it working using mpd_oled_fifo without stuttering, but the no-sync issue is there randomly

I don’t remember the plugin use fifo right?

The plugin uses an ALSA configuration file that send the audio to a FIFO which then goes to CAVA…

@adrii if you do ever get chance, I’m happy to include any changes in the plugin…

The loopback copy may take some time to get right for general use, but could be handy to include in the plugin as an alternative to volumiofifo, especially if it turns out that the loopback copy fixes @davidevinavil 's issue.

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Yes, it took 2 years to get this far and I wasn’t the one to fix it and I still don’t understand ALSA :persevere:

I feel it’s better to give have as many options as possible because no two volumio installations are ever the same!