[PLUGIN] KODI background of movie playback

Hi there,

Im new to Volumio, but i like it a lot, especialy the possibility to have kodi running.

My problem is, when i play a Movie, as the aspect ratio of the file doesnt fill the whole screen, i get to see volumio lines of code at the initial run in the background, its kind of annoying. Does anybody know a workaround?

Thank you in advance.

There is a display setting in the KODI settings. You can stretch the image as you need.

Thank you me dear friend. I already knew that i could change the dimensions of the movie in order to fill the screen. But in my opinion changing the aspect ratio would change the way the movie was intended in the first place.

I don’t think I’ve seen this before, can you upload a photo maybe? That way I can check if I can clear the screen (enough), if that’s even possible (haven’t done any investigation yet :wink:)

Ok, at the moment i need to reinstall the kodi plugin for volumio. be right back at you when I have a photo. Thanks in advance for your time. :grinning:

I don’t mean the movie, but the settings for the display boundaries.