[PLUGIN] gpiorandom

Play a randomized playlist, play a web radio or toggle play / pause uppon single, double and / or triple click on a GPIO wired button.

By wiring a button to a GPIO pin that support interrupt (eg: gpio 3 on rpi), this plugins detect single, double and triple click. It is possible to assign an action to each.
The timing used to detect the number of clicks can be customized

Note : this post is about the V2.0 of the plugin that has been pull requested on 2021.03.23. It may not be available yet. The V1.0, which is already available, can only detect a single click and automatically add and play random songs.

Hi jit,

are you planning to migrate this plugin to Volumio 3?
I stayed at Volumio 2 because I really need is to wark for my custom-build network player with button-control… but even on version2, I don’t get it to work… I use GPIO pin 4 any hints?


Yes I’m planning to port all my plugins because I’m also using them on my volumio setup.

I just don’t have enough time for now, but I think than it should be done in the following 2 months


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Hi, I just tried to install the plugin fom source, and it just work without any code modification.
I created a package from my volumio 3 install and I posted the package on the volumio3 plugin thread.

I don’t know how to make all my plugin available because they just need to be built. Maybe the Volumio teams has planned to do so in the future.

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