My config :

  • RPBI PIB3+
  • VOLUMIO 3.396
  • No DAC, i use the headphone out
    VOLUMIO works perfectly,
    I need to power on my audio amplifier the plugin GPIO CONTROL, it work almost correctly,

the only problem that I encounter is the setting of “MUSIC STOP EVENT”:

I can setting the GPIO pin,

I can setting the GPIO state

I can setting the DELAY

I can’t setting the DELAY UNIT ( the setting is not available as for all the other settings)

I can setting the DURATION

I can setting the DURATION INIT

the MUSIC STOP EVENT work only when the setting DELAY is NO DELAY, I would like a delay of 10 second to not power off my amplifier when I change the radio station.

I would like to know if is a bug or an oversight in this plugin?
Does anyone in the community face this problem?
How do I pass this info on to the developers of this plugin?
Thank you in advance for your assistance.